WUL4, a New European Company that has Established Itself in the United States

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WUL4, a New European Company that has Established Itself in the United States

What You Look For (WUL4) is a company with its roots in payment industry, logical security, mobile payments and enterprise solution developments. In 2013, the European company decided and established itself in USA to explore business opportunities and be able to help and drive the shift to EMV cards (required by card schemes to be mandatory in USA by 2015). The company offers USA card issuers to include Host Card Emulation (HCE) solution for NFC payments as part of the shift towards EMV in a single go and add mobile phones as a channel to interface with value-added features and services such as instant notification and confirmation of the card usage as being used by its European customers. Even WUL4 can offer secure payment solutions in e-commerce.

There is an agenda of options available for modern consumer willing to use his/her mobile phone as the gateway to interact with services. For the acquirer banks or services, the solutions range from Mobile POS solutions to simplification of PCI compliance for retailers with a minimum impact and global solutions. It is worth mentioning here the deployment of payment solutions with almost zero impact on retailers (for infrastructure and PCI) which possibly could be worth exploring. Among other solutions, there are developed options for wearable computing and a checkout solution developed over Google Glass (http://rnd.wul4.com/en/self-scanning-products-with-google-glass/).

For transport industry, the company launched the solution WUL4Bus back in 2011 which displays real-time location of the buses on your mobile phone and the stops nearby. Thus a passenger can check from his phone the arrival of next bus and the time required to plan and buy the ticket from the same app. The solutions can be deployed easily with existing bus services with a minimum or no integration based on the transport company requirements or existing infrastructure. There are plans to deploy a solution in Spain for the city of Cordoba using Google Glass for access-control to the bus.

Currently WUL4 is looking for partners and distributors within USA and other regions outside of Europe to build a network to reach banks and retailers. Of course investors are invited to strengthen and promote solutions like WUL4Bus which could make public transport much easier.
In order to take one step further and promote mobile solutions, the company has also promoted a commercial solution as a Global Mobile Solution which uses a universal approach to consumer smartphones and enables retailers to offer them loyalty, coupons, payments or events. The solution enables a simpler and cheaper communication mechanism which links retailers, providers, consumers seamlessly. There are several solutions available based on PayThunder which are of interest to retailers and content providers and marketing solutions. Hardware is available for integration on Vending machines and turnstiles, so all needed is your smartphone to activate or enable a service.

You could be watching TV on your sofa, and your mobile can easily catch the information streamed to ask you if you confirm your order for a pizza without much hassle. Try it and for sure you will like it. PayThunder is in its process of raising awareness and funds for this solution and would be a major step forward on consumer trends and simplicity. For more information: www.PayThunder.com

• New sales-channel for merchants/retailers.
• Instant-buying.
• Allow mobile payment for merchants with Zero-Impact in merchant’s infrastructure.
• Mobile loyalty channel for merchants/retailers.
• Consumer-profile management.
• Family-wallet.

WUL4 offers a wide range of innovative payment solutions & components to banks, retailers and other software vendors or market players. The solutions either are commercialized by its customers or based on the client or partner’s choice, embedded as components which enhance existing systems to offer additional services or channels not being in use today. The agile flexibility, experience & know-how in the payment industry and additionally in other industries like financial, health, transport, education, etc… make them quite versatile to offer, design and build complex new generation software/hardware heterogeneous infrastructures which support future applications and requirements. The company is additionally specialized in E-commerce, digital wallets & mobile wallets, Issuers, Acquirers and Payment System’s Security PCI.

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